WP Engine Launches DevKit Open Beta

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WP Engine Launches DevKit Open Beta

Those who host or manage sites on WP Engine now have a new tool at their disposal. It’s called DevKit , developed by Chris Wiegman and Jason Stallings.

DevKit is a WordPress local development environment that includes SSH Gateway access, push and pull deployments to WP Engine, Command Line Interface commands for the Genesis theme framework and other tools.

Although DevKit has tight integration with WP Engine the software can be used independently of the host. With Local by Flywheel , Vagrant , XAMPP , and other tools available, Wiegman explains what motivated him to create a new solution.

“I’ve been working on the perfect WordPress developer environment since I learned about Vagrant in 2013,” he said. “As it was never my full-time job, I could never take it to the next level. DevKit gives me the power to do that.”

DevKit provides the following features:

Container-based local development environment SSH Gateway access Push and pull deployments to WP Engine Preview your local site with others via ngrok PHP version selector Email testing client MySQL Local SSH & WP-CLI Genesis Framework WP-CLI commands phpmyadmin webgrind Varnish HTTPS Proxy xdebug

Currently, DevKit’s user interface is command line only with plans to add a GUI later this year. It’s available for free and is in open beta for Mac and Linux. Those interested in participating in the open beta can sign up on the DevKit landing page .