WordPress Malware Removal 
Done the Right Way

My site is hacked now what?

Unfortunately we have had this question asked many times frequently in the last few years. Whether big or small the risk is the same.

Yet with our cumulative knowledge of the state of web security, known threats and experience with helping others through the years we are more than prepared to help.

MBDEV Boston has been working in the web security sector, WordPress CMS and web development community for over 18 years. We keep an eye on all of the current known threats to our clients and stay focused on acquiring the knowledge to deal with these issues as they grow.

We are dedicated to helping new & existing clients out of the hassle and lost revenue of WordPress Malware Removal.

Whether it’s a simple page hack to a full blown ransomware threat to your E-Comm user database, we can help!

How We Get Your Business Online & Looking Good

Affordable Website Design & Development

Vulnerable Plugins & Themes

Update, update, update! Always update your plugins in themes folks. If not they become very easy targets. Let us lock it up for you.

Brute Force Attacks

Sounds scary? It can be. 1000's of web hits a minute all trying to break into your site. We can stop them, block them & ban them!

Injection Attacks

You may not know it but they do and that is your satabase runs EVERYTHING on your site. Gaining access is like hacker gold.

Phishing & Data Theft

When I visit my site it takes me to a furniture store in China??? This is one of the most common exploits around and we can fix it!