WordPress for iOS 12.6.1 Revamps Stats, Acknowledges Third-Party Libraries

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WordPress for iOS 12.6.1 Revamps Stats, Acknowledges Third-Party Libraries

WordPress for iOS 12.6.1 is now available in the iTunes App Store . The User Interface as well as the backend that powers stats has been revamped and more closely resembles what you see on the Jetpack Stats module. There are now date selectors and individual stats contain more detail.

Revamped Stats in the WordPress for iOS App

More often than not over the years, when I’ve tried to view stats, they don’t load. In 12.6.1, the stats are cached making them not only quicker to load, but they’re available to view offline as well.

This version also improves the block editor by fixing an issue where the setting to open links in new tabs was always set to off. Also, when users attempt to put invalid content into blocks, there’s a more descriptive error message.

Those who share photos into WordPress from other apps can now share an unlimited number of photos and if an image fails to upload, the error message will contain more detailed information.

The WordPress for iOS app uses libraries from third-party’s. To see who these parties are, the team has added an acknowledgments section in the app. You can view this page by browsing to Me > App Settings > About WordPress for iOS > Acknowledgements. Fair warning, this page is quite lengthy. There’s also a variety of bug fixes in this version as well.

WordPress for iOS Third-party Library Acknowledgements

One change that I noticed that doesn’t make sense and that I’ve been unable to find an explanation for is the labeling change. The app is now labeled on the app store as WordPress #1 Website Builder .

I don’t view the app as a website builder, it’s more of a website manager. I’ve asked in the WordPress Mobile Slack channel why this change was made but as of publishing, have not received a response.

WordPress for iOS is free and available on iTunes . There’s also a mobile app for Android devices and a desktop application that be found on the WordPress Mobile Apps site.