Why Continuous Learning Matters for Today’s Professionals

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Why Continuous Learning Matters for Today’s Professionals

Why Continuous Learning Matters for Today’s Professionals written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Matt Cooper

Podcast Transcript

On today’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I chat with Matt Cooper, CEO of Skillshare . Skillshare is an online learning community that offers users access to more than 30,000 classes, with a focus on creative fields.

Cooper discusses the ins and outs of running an online learning community: Why it’s beneficial for both students and teachers, the importance of acquiring new skills throughout one’s career, and whether or not he feels the online learning model could some day supplant the traditional higher education model.

Questions I ask Matt Cooper:

Is there a typical student profile at Skillshare?

How do you vet what makes a good educator?

Are learning communities going to replace the traditional higher education model?

What you’ll learn if you give a listen:

Why sharing your skills through teaching can help you build your brand and increase credibility.

How investing in your team’s education can help improve company culture and engagement.

Why there’s an advantage to joining a learning community rather than just relying on YouTube.

Key takeaways from the episode and more about Matt Cooper:

Learn more about Matt Cooper and Skillshare

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