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As a multi-faceted Web Design & Digital agency for New Bedford, Fall River, Dartmouth and the South Coast we are able to offer services beyond the initial design and development by bringing your online identity to new heights and platforms which will turn your visitors into customers.

What do we enjoy about our work? Making not only our clients happy but ourselves as well with the pride and effort we put into every project. We strive to make every site unique, visually appealing and user friendly. 

Some folks paint, well we use the web as our palette and we love creating masterpieces for brand identity on the screen.

Design Outside of the Box

Why pay someone to make your website look like everyone else in their portfolio?

It’s 2022 and web design has come some so far. Do not stand for the “norm” that has ran the market for the past 20 years. Ask for more, demand more…

Experience More With MBDEV BOSTON!

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We’re Affordable – We are always able offer our customers the widest range of services at the best prices because we know how budgets work and we know how over inflated budgets can be disastrous to a new project.

We offer all new clients a flat rate cost. Some sites could be as low as $100 and some up to $2500 but we ALWAYS tell you exactly what you’re getting upfront. And we never over inflate pricing for future needs.

You’ll get an accurate, honest and guaranteed price every time.

With over 14 years experience working with the #1 Web builder WordPress and over 16 years of Web Design and Development we’re confident in our know-how of creating visually stunning, user friendly and converting web sites.

Oh and yeah we have a few B of A.S. degrees too 😉

Love of creativity. Personally, I have been an artist all of my life and also a “geek” so  put them together and Web Design is born… I created my first site in 2001 for a local Donut shop. No pay, I was a fan and wanted to show my skills. Though I did eat free “Old Fashions” for years to come 🙂

  • Mom and Pops,
  • Non-Profits,
  • Small Business,
  • Corporate Elites (Coca Cola, Ford),
  • Restaurant Owners,
  • Musicians,
  • Bloggers and so many more.

Be as descriptive as possible so that the designer know exactly what you want from the get go. This way you get what you’re looking for out of the project and the developer gets a “feel” on how to best deliver the project. 

Also, always ask questions. I tell my clients anything is possible all you have to do is ask. If your designer doesn’t agree than move on. Communication is key between a developer and client.

Cost. Always ask for upfront pricing. Also, always ask for a time-frame and if your developer can commit to a scheduled launch date. If no, move on. 

We’re upfront from day one with both your budget and any foreseeable costs and we always provide our new clients with launch expectations, revision due dates and time expectancy of milestones. And we back it up with a money back guarantee.

Simple answer… How many Rings? 6 and counting! We’re die hard Sox, Bruins, Celts and Pats fans! You may not be but that’s ok we’ll still work with you. But Yankee fans pay a surcharge. Kidding…